About us

About us
Our mission: Create personal works with high artistic quality to ensure that our customers can enjoy a beautiful space. 

Orejudo Internacional S.L. founded in 1968 by the family in the town of crested Cabrerizos in Salamanca, where they set up the first artisan workshop dedicated to the manufacture and decoration carvings, mirrors and other accessories in wood and alabaster. 

In no time, quality and originality of his works became known nationally and internationally, with new craftsmen were incorporated to the template, which today continue to work with us. 

In 1974 he performed the first extension of the workshop by building a three storey building comprising 700 m2 of workshop and 200 m2 of exhibition. 

Today, after a second facility expansion in 1999, the company has 2000 m2 for high decoration and with a staff of 40 employees, all skilled craftsmen.

Crafts Orejudo, S.L.  from the beginning has maintained its original location and its concept of work, but has evolved combining traditional crafts with new techniques developed by its artists. 

We invite you to visit our facility in Salamanca, Spain, where you can appreciate the artistic value of work done and meet the craftsmen who perform them.